Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life Long Journey

If I were to customize an object with eight significant symbols about my life, I would customize a dress. Each asset added to the dress would depict my life odyssey thus far. As an infant, I was first born with red hair that eventually changed to blonde. Also, I was a bubbly toddler was constantly dressed in the latest girly, baby trends that my mother put on me. As I grew into my elementary years and my conscience was slowly maturing, I started to absolutely idolize my brother. I dressed and acted exactly as they did. Also, in this time, I started filling my time with dance and other sports; however, as I grew into middle school, all other sports diminished from my life. Dance became the main focus. In middle school, my brothers went away to college, and I was left to independently find myself. Thus, these years tended to be slightly disheveled but otherwise important. Now as I have begun high school, I have refined myself to academics, dance, piano, art, and fashion. As high school advances, I find that my independence is becoming fully constructed as my confidence grows. I hope to continue to advance in dance and head down the ethical, valuable path.
           From this, the dress is embellished with a loosely knit sweater that has a tint of red. This shows the disheveled look from middle school and the change in my hair color as an infant. Also, there are cutsey ribbons on the dress to depict my baby clothes; however, the bows are loosely connected to the dress to show my maturity. The dress is worn with combat boots to show the time where I dressed like my brothers, and to go along, the accessories with the dress include hardcore, chunky jewelry. All of this shows the masculine effect of m brothers that i have over the years worked into being feminine and unique. the hair of the model is worn in a bun to show my dedication to dance. There is also an anarchy symbol intertwined into the bottom of the dress. This is not meant to imply that I am a rebellion, but it is a loose connection to the independence that I have found within me. The many different aspects of the dress can be put together to symbolize my life journey.

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